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I honestly appreciated this course! I’m becoming more effective and efficient in many areas (of both professional and personal pursuits), with every opportunity to apply the skills learned at LMA’s ‘The Performance Edge’… I’ve rarely been so productive, as when I’m driven by S.M.A.R.T goals, intelligently documented agendas and the accountability that comes from involving my whole team in the growth of my company. Articulating and structuring a previously loose job description, to something more deliberate and purpose driven, is helping me refine exactly where I want to take my company’s ultimate direction – and within a few short months, has netted significant and tangible benefits for my staff, myself and my clients. The difference that just a few strategies has made to my work/life balance has also been noticed by friends, family and colleagues alike. Thanks for a flexible, sensible and very helpful learning experience. I will certainly be interested in further educational offerings with LMA.

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