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Course: TPE
Name: Tony Scott

Measureable results: [1] Time spent on HPA’s increased significantly. [2] Being able to articulate the HPA’s. [3] Level of high-value, and high-margin, business development has increased substantially. Enjoyable aspects: [1] Simon, as an excellent facilitator and speaker. [2] As I’m sure with most groups, the collective insight/intelligence of the participants is incredibly powerful and empowering. [3] The fact that the content is simple to understand, easy to apply and quickly to deliver tangible results. Goals accomplished: [1] Well on the way to completing 3 large goals, that deliver substantial increases in prospects and sales. [2] Leveraged my business network much harder, and now finding that IBM’ers come to seek me out (rather than other way round). [3] Submitted first $1M+ proposal, and about to submit a $500+ proposal, both are great client acquisitions for Advent One.

Course: TPE
Name: Evan Koutsandreou

Success Eliminated the need to re-arrange my calendar on a daily basis I have spent up to an hour a day re-arranging my calendar (including appointments with clients) to fit in new work requests that were deemed critical from other team members. Usually these requests were not critical and could be scheduled at a later date or time. Effective Delegation Upon receiving work requests, I have developed a habit of asking myself “Am I the best person for the job?….Or can someone else do it quicker, better, cheaper?” We were down on resources and I had several client service engagements to complete and many other client pre-sales responsibilities. Too much for one person, so I reviewed who else was available, formed a team and delegated the appropriate tasks to each team member. Empowered two client executives to make a tough decision, which allowed me to focus on the job at hand. (Also, one of the client executives was a Director of our company). Ability to say “no” I don’t openly accept work requests that do not align with my HPAs. Instead I offer equally good alternatives (e.g. Other qualified team members who’s HPAs better align with the particular work request). I don’t Leave any low hanging fruit

Course: TPE
Name: Graeme Clark

Simon did an excellent job facilitating this course, creating an environment that was stimulating, challenging and fun. The discipline and sustained approach to creating new habits of thought and of action made this program stand out above others that I have done. Setting and achieving major goals around communication, personal and business planning will make a major difference to our business going forward.