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The workshops were fun and I believe everyone involved looked forward to them which is a testament to Peter’s abilities as a facilitator.||I’ve accomplished goals in both my private and work life that I would not have done without the course. The focus goals have been a simple yet very effective idea and one where the results come quickly. At home I’ve been able to spend quality one-on-one time with my 3 kids, rather than having them fight for my attention. Focus goals have made me look at situations I’ve been in many times over and taken for granted in another light – I now think ‘how can I change this situation for the better’?.||In work I’m using tools to visually manage my tasks which is something I’ve struggled with for years without success (TaskTracker for Outlook). My daily imperative / important planning has probably delivered a 20% increase in productivity just based on the fact that I’m focussing on what matters.

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