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1. Improved STRIVE result for myself with my manager noting implrovements in communication with others, building a reliable team and being part of the change which is currently occurring with-in the inspection group around mobile forms, new IT hardware (tablets) and rebranding of the inspection group.|2. Main achievemnet was the recuiting and training of a new inspector for my team. Training outlined used has proven successful with new inspector now carrying out inspection role and has fitted well into team.|3. Other goals achieved outlined IT knowledge requirements for team members being identified and then improved via training and one-on-one time with team members. This has resulted in an improved understanding of IT with-in the team and report completion containing fewer errors.|4. Recieved above average appraisal report for rank woren from MEOMS which is part of the Airforce which I attend as a Reservist. The appraisal report highlighted my electrical and electronic trade knowledge, people skills and willness to work as part of a team. Highlighted with in the appriasal report was one of my goals which was to map across my civilian courses to my military courses to help reduce costs of training and add higher productivity. The appraisal report also has recommended me for an commendation from the commanding officer of 25 Squadron Pearce Airbase for my efforts.

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