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Choose Your Next Transformational Journey

Thrive Portal is accessed through membership to a specific Transformational Journey and related group. A member’s Transformational Journey forms the backbone of their development journey in Thrive Portal – it provides the suggested route and timeframe to complete specific activities and review content in order to achieve the development outcomes prescribed for that ‘Transformation’.

  • The Transformational Journey is broken up into areas of focus, which are each prescribed a suggested completion date. This completion date can be adjusted by the user to suit their development pace and learning style.
  • Within each focus area there is a number of topics with a Learning Activity to reinforce the learning. These Learning Activities can range from completing an analysis or questionnaire, connecting with other users in the Ecosystem, sharing your insights in one of the forums or submitting content to be used in other users’ development journeys.
  • Completion of a Learning Activity, Topic or Focus area is by self-declaration – none of the work completed is assessed or submitted for approval. It is up to the members to assess their development progress.

For more information on accessing Thrive Portal as a course Participant, click here.