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Thrive Portal

The team at LMA are excited to present Thrive Portal as a leading personal and professional development solution. Thrive Portal will allow users to continue learning and sharing pivotal personal and professional development information and tools with one another. Guiding learning and development at their own pace and in an ongoing fashion, well after formal training has been completed, Thrive Portal is an exceptional addition to Leadership Management Australia’s unique learning process.

Through the Thrive Portal, members have access to a library of learning content, forums for collaboration with other like-minded individuals and a prescribed learning pathway that they can use at their own pace.

Members can access Thrive Portal in one of three ways, each with its own custom learning pathway – called a ‘Transformational Journey’ – and content only accessible within that group:

  • As a course participant – all Leadership Management Australia (LMA) course participants have access to a private group in Thrive Portal which contains a Transformational Journey that reinforces their learnings for their course and prepares them for their Refocus Workshop.
    Course participants are invited to join the group for their specific course after the final course module. Only fellow course participants are members of this group. Following the Refocus workshop they are then transitioned into the Graduate group for that course.
  • As a course graduate – upon completion of a course LMA graduates have access to the Graduate group for that course. The Transformational Journey for Graduates is a 6 month development journey that reintroduces and supports a number of key concepts from the course as well as introducing content from more advanced LMA courses.
  • As a subscriber to a specific Transformational Journey (coming soon) – members on Thrive Portal can opt to extend their learning journey through subscribing to additional Transformational Journeys that target specific skills that they wish to develop.

In addition to the Transformational Journeys, private forums and group specific content only accessible to group members, all members in Thrive Portal have access to tools and resources for general members, including:

  • Resource Library – an extensive depository for learning documents, templates and tools
  • Submit Content – members can submit content for inclusion in the Thrive Portal Library or simply share it with their Connections
  • Content Curation – rate content, provide comments or submit alternate content
  • Open Forums – join in an existing forum thread or start your own discussion
  • Private Chat with Connections – continue a development discussion or collaborate with other Connections using the Chat capability.

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For more information on accessing Thrive Portal as a course Participant, click here.